Christmas craft: Birch Advent Candleholder

Here's how to make a natural and festive Christmas candleholder at home - it makes a great display for your holiday table

Birch Advent Candleholder

This simple homemade Christmas craft is easy but effective. Here’s how to make Karoline Jönsson’s birch advent candle holder at home this festive season

Homemade Christmas Garland

Beauty can often be found in the simple, and if you want to make your own advent candleholder in the simplest and cheapest way then this one in birchwood is perfect, says Karoline.

I used a birch branch/log about 15cm/6in diameter and 30cm/12in long, then I cut it almost in half lengthwise through the middle.

You can use a handsaw to cut the log, or place an axe where you want to make the cut and then knock it out using a log or mallet so that the branch splits. If you use an axe, you may need to even it out a with a handplane afterwards to make sure the candleholder stands flat on the table.


You Will Need

  • Birch branch or log, cut in half (about 15cm/6in diameter and 30cm/12in long), other wood also works
  • pine cones, lichen, cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices, for decoration (optional)

Step 1

To make a place for the candles, drill four holes using a 2cm/3⁄4in drill bit. Measure the holes before you start drilling, so that they are evenly spaced.

Step 2

If you then want to go all the way, add pine cones, lichen, cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices for decoration, gluing them to the birch log.

Step 3

It’s as simple as that to make this candleholder in a beautiful natural material. If you don’t have any birch at hand you can, of course, use other types of wood.


Extract from Happy Vegan Christmas: Plant-based recipes for festive Scandinavian feasts by Karoline Jönsson, published by Pavilion Books.