10 quick and easy tricks to make your garden a wildlife paradise

Make your back yard a wildlife friendly haven with these easy tricks - they're all a brilliant way to get children outdoors and learning about nature, too. By Lois Bronze.

Wonderful Spanish little Hedgehog.

Make a positive change, get outdoors and kid gets into nature by making your garden a wildlife friendly haven. These ten easy, no-fuss tips and tricks will transform your backyard and you’ll get plenty of happy visitors from bees to hedgehogs to birds moving in. 


1. Create a bee hotel: A bundle of bamboo canes tied together makes an attractive home to bees. Hang it in a sheltered spot, 1.5m off the ground.

2. Make a rock garden: Place flat stones around your garden so mini-beasts can thrive underneath.

3. Encourage bees with plants: Plant pollen and nectar rich plants such as hardy salvia, lavender and red beckia.

4. Start a compost heap: Not only does it help garden plants and wildlife, it also provides shelter to many small creatures who enjoy the heat released by decomposition.

5. Build a hedgehog house:  Use any leftover wood you have lying around to make a home for hedgehogs. Here’s how. 

6. Feed the birds:  Make an easy bird mix with lard, raisins and peanuts. Mold into balls to put on your bird table, or use a pinecone to create a pretty bird feeder with this easy tutorial. Here’s our guide to what to feed different species of birds. 

7. Encourage butterflies: Plant butterfly friendly flowers such as marigolds, lavender and cosmos to encouraged winged beauties to visit. 

8. Leave wood in a shady spot: Decaying wood and logs provide a great habitat for a range of wildlife such as bark beetles and their grubs, as well as many species of fungi.

9. Construct a bug house: A simple way to make a bug hotel is to take a log and drill a holes into it. Then you can check them for creepy crawlies. 

10. Plant honeysuckle and clematis: These make ideal nesting habitats, providing shelter and breeding sites for birds.


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