Inspired by nature


Rosanne’s work is defined by her natural environment. Her style of work is broad and ranges from tiny detailed oils and watercolours to large charcoal drawings. The wildness of the cliffs and bays are what interest her the most, as she tries to capture the passing moments of nature in her artwork. Rosanne currently exhibits her work in her Gallery on The Avenue in Sark and at various galleries including the Society of Wildlife Artists and Royal Miniature Society exhibitions in London.


Fulmars nest along Sark's craggy cliffs

Conservation and art

In 2010 rapid changes in Sark led to concerns that its natural habitat and way of life which had largely remained unchanged for centuries were under threat. Sark’s Government and the Islanders helped Rosanne organise a visit from The Artists for Nature Foundation, which saw 21 of the world’s best wildlife and landscape artists visit Sark to help focus public attention on how incredible the tiny Island is. The book ‘Art for the Love of Sark’ features the artists work and highlights the beauty and fragility of Sark's unique ecosystem and way of life.

Sark Henge ©Rosanne Guille

Rosanne Guille said: "I was spurred into trying new skills by watching printmakers and painters sketching from life... My artistic career has been based on the Island of Sark where I have sold my watercolours of the island and its natural history through my own gallery."

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Sark night walk ©Rosanne Guille

Most recently, Rosanne is taking part in a new project entitled “Bringing the Dead Sea to Life Through Art and Music”, which features over 20 artists globally to culture of environmental artists and nature lovers in the war-torn region of Israel.

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Little Sark sea shadows


Rosanne Guille has illustrated for BBC Wildlife Magazine and has run her own gallery in Sark since 1997. This winter Rosanne will be working on new watercolours and charcoals of the Sark and Guernsey, including natural history subjects for an exhibition at Space10 at St Peter Port, Guernsey.