How to make a leaf print butterfly

This is a fun and easy craft for kids of any age. The leaf print butterfly can be made again and again and will yield different and exciting results every time.

A child drawing a butterfly

Children will love collecting leaves to create their own butterfly artwork. Take a look at our butterfly guide to help them learn how to identify the different species.


You Will Need

  • A4 paper sheets
  • Pencil
  • a selection of leaves
  • different coloured paints
  • paint brushes

Step 1

Collect a selection of leaves of different shapes and sizes.

Step 2

Draw a line down the centre of a piece of paper in landscape orientation.

Step 3

Paint the leaves in different colours and carefully press them down on one half of the paper next to the middle line. Press the leaves down gently to evenly distribute the paint on the leaves, positioning them to look like the wings and body of half a butterfly.

Step 4

Fold the paper neatly in half and press down evenly. Unfold to reveal a symmetrical leaf butterfly. Repeat using different leaves and colours.