How to print with flowers

Spring is a great time of year for creating your own watercolour-style prints from fresh flowers. Perhaps you could even make a homemade Mother’s Day card?

Bunch of flowers

Make the most of spring’s floral abundance this Mother’s Day and print with fresh flowers.

Here’s how to make floral prints from fresh flowers.

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How to print with flowers/Credit: Annie Sanderson

You Will Need

  • Fresh flowers 


  • A hammer (or mallet or rolling pin)

  • Clear plastic (or greaseproof paper)

Step 1

Select your flowers – either purchase a vibrant pot plant or pick a few colourful blooms from your garden. Choose a flower with thin, bright petals, such as geraniums, poppies and pansies. Prepare the flowers by removing the stem and calyx.

Step 2

Place the flower on the paper, petals down. Cover with clear plastic, making sure it is firmly pressed down.

Step 3

While carefully pressing the paper over the flower- use a hammer to lightly tap over the flower. You don’t need to use much force at all. Make sure children are supervised.

Step 4

Once you have covered the whole flower, remove the plastic and gently peel off the remains, revealing the print.

Step 5

Repeat the process until you have built up your design. You can then go in with pens or paints if you want to add to your design.

Bunch of flowers
How to print with flowers/Credit: Annie Sanderson