How to make a twig bowl

You can make treasures from the humblest natural ingredients. Gather a handful of twigs from your garden or nearest wood and create something truly special to display in your home or give to a nature-loving friend

How to make a twig bowl

The trees might be done with their discarded twigs, but you don’t have to be. Collecting twigs is a great excuse for a scenic stroll in the country, plus you’ll end up with something truly special to display in your home – or gift to a lucky nature-loving friend.

Make sure to select varying lengths of twigs, but nothing too long. Twigs with a length between 8-15cm and a thickness of around 0.3-1cm are just right to create your very own twig bowl.

Stack of river stones

You Will Need

  • at least 30 twigs of varying lengths (between 8cm and 15cm long with a thickness of around 3–10mm)
  • a medium-sized glass bowl
  • newspaper
  • strong glue
  • scissors
  • wood varnish (optional)

Step 1

How to make a twig bowl

Collect about 30 twigs while out walking; if you wish to create a larger bowl then simply pick up more. Leave the twigs on a layer of tissue or old towel for a couple of days to dry and allow insects to crawl away.

Step 2

How to make a twig bowl

To give yourself an idea of how many twigs you’ll need, arrange them into a rough mesh-circle, overlapping one another. These will be glued together, starting from the centre before curving around the bowl.

Step 3

How to make a twig bowl

Place your glass bowl upside down on a board or sheet of newspaper. Start gluing the twigs together at the base, taking care not to stick them to the glass, then slope down the side of the bowl. 

Step 4

How to make a twig bowl

Add a ring of twigs to the rim, then trim away any excess to prevent snagging. Leave to dry overnight, then remove the twig bowl from the glass. Coat your bowl with a layer of wood varnish to seal it.


Illustrations by Enya Lai