How is gardening good for your physical and mental health?

The simple process of tilling soil, creating fertile beds for flowers and vegetables, is deeply satisfying.


The repetitive manual labour keeps the mind focused on the present – and also frees it to be creative or to work out problems against a backdrop of rhythmic weeding and digging.


G is for Gardening ©Lynn Hatzius
The magic of planting seeds and nurturing them as they sprout and grow can result in a huge sense of achievement, even if some are lost to pests or drought.

Cut flowers

Few things generate a greater sense of wellbeing than sitting beside your own productive veg patch or cottage garden in high summer.

How to garden mindfully and find your inner calm

Mindful gardening can have real benefits for your physical and mental health – find out how to bring mindfulness into your hobby.

When life feels like it’s getting on top of you, spending time in a quiet garden can really help you regain your inner balance and perspective.

By its very nature, gardening forces you to slow down. It’s not something that you can rush or do in a hurry and it gives you the chance to be mindful.