How to go geocaching

The biggest treasure hunt in the world is right on your doorstep. It’s free, it’s easy and it’s called geocaching. Natalie Johnson of the Wild Network explains how to do it.




There are geocaches everywhere. We found our first geocache on the way home from school this winter. It was just 300m from our front door, tucked behind a fence on a public footpath. The kids with us – five of them, aged between three and eleven – loved hunting for it. Best of all – it’s free.


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No matter what age, a treasure hunt is always exciting. With over 2.7 million caches globally, there’s bound to be a cache near you, wherever you live. Even tiny towns have one or two caches (ours has around 30), so you won’t have to drag the kids up the nearest mountain to try it.

Your reward? Finding the cache – some are extremely difficult. You swap treasure – take something small, leave something small, jot your code name in the logbook, then enter your find onto the website.

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To get started:

1. Go to and put in your location. Discover caches near you and choose one to hunt for. Note the coordinates (or save to your smartphone or GPS).

2. Get outside! Find it? Jot down your note and leave your treasure.

3. Go home and log your find.

Top tips:

1. Start easy – stay local and excite kids by planning the route together.

2. Always take snacks, no matter how close to home you stay.

3. Take treasure to add (or sneak in yourself) just in case the cache is short of it.


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