P is for Painting: mindfulness in nature

How painting in nature can help you be more present, in turn improving physical and mental wellbeing

Children painting outdoors
Published: March 24th, 2019 at 11:25 am
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How can painting help you be more mindful?

Remember splashing paint on paper with wild abandon when you were a child?


Get back to those unbridled moments of focused creativity, drop your grown-up inner critic and rediscover the sheer joy of playing with colours.

How painting can help you be more mindful
How painting can help you be more mindful ©@Lynn Hatzius

Pack paper, pencils, brushes and paints and a jar of water into your backpack next time you go on a countryside walk.

Knitting outdoors and mindfulness

When you find an inspiring spot, let your curiosity guide you to a view you’d like to portray. No need to be literal; it can be as abstract as you like. Relax and drink in the details: observe how the light creates shadows and highlights, the colours vibrant or muted, flowers near and far, shapes of trees, textures of stone walls, hills or buildings.

Woman painting watercolour outdoors
Focus on the scene with a concentrated, calm awareness ©Getty

Focus on the scene with a concentrated, calm awareness, putting all other thoughts aside. Allow your impressions to come out on paper without judgement. Be absorbed in the moment and simply let go.


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