Wrapping presents and gifts for loved ones can be enjoyable – even meditative – however it can also be fraught with environmentally harmful materials, as much of the paper and Sellotape is discarded and left to the landfill.


From fabric wraps using the Japanese style of furoshiki to sustainably sourced paper, we’ve got plenty of suggestions below in our pick of the best reusable wrapping paper for an eco-friendly celebration.

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Best reusable wrapping paper to buy in 2023

Wrag Wrap reusable fabric gift wrap pack

This clever set of packaging does away with disposable elements like paper and Sellotape, and instead uses sheets of fabric wrap to cover the gift, which is then bound with string and buttons.

Available in a selection of tones and patterns which include mixed raspberry and ocean blue, they can be used to wrap everything from boxes to bottles in an eco-friendly way.

Each set comes with three items which include a medium and a large sheet, and they're all easy to wash so you can keep them clean and continue to use them throughout various holidays and celebrations.

Wrag Wrap reversible crackle wrap

Both sustainable and reusable, this set of eco-conscious covering from Wrag Wrap will create colourful packaging for many celebrations to come.

Made from a mix of recycled waste plastic, this responsibly sourced wrapping doesn't compromise on its appearance either, with a vivid Disco and Fine feathers dressing. There's a different pattern on each side for extra versatility and once the item has been received the packaging can be washed and reused.

No need for any cutting or stitching in order to seal the wrapping either, simply cover the items and use the accompanying wrap to tie it together in place.

Christmas Kraft Gift Bags with Handles

Just in time for Christmas, this varied selection of festive gift bags will allow you to conceal the presents and save the surprise without relying on wrapping paper that will simply be ripped and binned right after.

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The bags have been made with durable paper so they should last multiple seasons, and there are 12 in total using four separate designs so there are plenty to give out to friends and family over the Christmas period.

Available in three sizes which cover small, medium and large, there's a great scope to find the ideal fit for your present list.

Organic Cotton Reusable Gift Wrap

Produce some festive flair without contributing to the landfill with these extra Christmassy organic gift wraps from Battle Green.

Made with a soft, reusable cotton, they feature a festive design on a standout red, bringing attention to the presents under the tree and your eco credentials.

They've even taken steps to ensure the packaging that delivers the wrapping is eco-conscious as well, doing away with plastic entirely and instead using recycled card and potato starch adhesive to keep it together.

Sunshine Nouveau Fabric Gift Wrap

Bring some vivid colour to your gift wrapping without resorting to plastic or paper, with these sunshine nouveau fabric wraps. Using the Furoshiki style of gift covering they're both colourful and considerate of the planet.

Perfect for any occasion, this is a bright but versatile design that would work well for everything from birthdays to anniversaries, and even as a unique style of Christmas wrapping.

Boasting a high quality material, they are also packaged in recycled paper to maximise their care for the environment with a fabric that promises to last a lifetime.

Pink Marble Fabric Flatwrap

Especially made for delicate presents in need of some gentle and sustainable wrapping to match, this colourful coverall will create a pleasant bundle when given to a friend or loved one.

It's been made from recycled materials which means it's a sensible and eco-friendly option, and can also be reused multiple times so you can continue to surprise the special people in your life.


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