Investing in a bird feeder is a fantastic way to encourage wildlife into your garden - but did you know you can make your own? Taking the DIY route means you can not only save money, but also spend an hour or two getting creative with friends or family. Plus, you’ll likely end up with a biodegradable feeder, free from plastic and waste.


Whether you decide to make your own bird feeder or opt for a shop-bought product, don’t forget to clean it with a mild disinfectant every two weeks. Neglect your food station and you could end up harming garden wildlife, as it’ll be prone to infections. Make sure you refresh the food supply regularly, remove any droppings and relocate your feeders every month to limit the amount of waste accumulating underneath.

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Ready to get stuck in? Take a look at our favourite homemade bird feeders below.

Our favourite DIY bird feeder kits

Greenfingers Build Your Own Bird Feeder

Greenfingers Build Your Own Bird Feeder with tin

This is one of the most popular homemade bird feeders on the market, and it comes in a handy reusable tin made from recyclable steel. Once your feeding station is up and running, you can use the storage container to keep your replacement bird food fresh.

The DIY bird feeder arrives as pre-cut wooden sections, which you put together with wood glue - all the instructions are included. Then, either stain or paint it and use the suction cups to attach it to a window.

This kit makes a wonderful gift for children or anyone who has limited outdoor space, as you can watch and identify the birds from the comfort of your own home.

Willow craft kit

Willow bird feeder craft kit with box

A willow DIY bird feeder not only makes a beautiful addition to your garden, but it also provides a fun project to enjoy with friends and family. Choose this kit to learn how to weave the separate strands after soaking them in a bag - don’t worry, there are easy-to-follow instructions in the box.

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Once you’ve finished, you’ll have a handcrafted, all-natural bird feeder, ideal for storing several fat balls for your garden’s feathery visitors. Just hang it from any branch or hook.

It’s worth noting, you’ll need secateurs to start crafting this willow bird feeder.

Willow weaving craft kit

willow weaving craft kit make your own set of 3 bird feeders with box

When you’ve finished crafting this set of homemade bird feeders, you’ll get three pretty food holders with an intricate spiral design. Thanks to their wide opening, they’re perfect for suet balls, which will attract both small and large birds to your garden.

Everything you need for these feeders comes in the pack, including instructions to help you as you go.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder Gift Set

pine cone bird feeder activity set with box

We love it when we can reuse natural elements for our crafting projects - like pine cones, which make perfect DIY bird feeders. This kit comes with everything you need to stuff them full of bird food and hang them from trees in your garden - including the cones themselves.

You can expect to receive six pine cones, a jute bag of suet and a jute bag of wild bird seed. Plus, there are simple instructions to help you along the way.

Eco Wild Cake Activity Kit

Bird Food Cake Activity Kit with box and ingredients

If you love baking, this DIY bird feeder is a good one to try. It includes seeds, suet and cupcake cases, so you can make your own nutritious snacks for the birds in your garden.

Everything in the set, including the packaging and cupcake cases, is plastic-free, biodegradable, compostable or recyclable, so it’s an eco-friendly gift with minimal waste. And it’ll fit through your letterbox, thanks to the box’s slimline design.

As well as a fun activity for children, these homemade bird feeders make a lovely gift for friends and family, as you can include your own personal message in the box.

Apple Bird Feeder

Apple Wooden Bird Feeder

Baker Ross sells a range of simple crafting sets designed to encourage children to get creative. This ready-made bird feeder arrives with no decoration - it’s up to you to add non-toxic paint, linseed oil and any other extras to bring it to life.

In the package are the feeder, made from 10mm thick plywood, a stainless steel rod and jute string. Once you’re happy with your creation, just attach an apple to the metal spike and slide it into place in the holder. Once you’ve hung it up in the garden, you can watch the local birds enjoy their treat.

Ceramic Bird Feeder

Ceramic Bird Feeders

Another fantastic project for kids, this DIY bird feeder arrives ready to be decorated. Use non-toxic paint to add a splash of colour and create your own seasonal patterns for a special finishing touch.

Included in the pack is jute string, so you can attach the egg-shaped feeder to hooks and branches. Then, just tip your nuts and seeds into the holder and wait for hungry birds to tuck in.


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