30 years of the BBC Countryfile Calendar

From tiny autumn voles to wide open landscapes, here's our pick of the winning shots from the BBC Countryfile Calendar across the past 30 years

Tree silhouetted against a pink and orange sky
Published: August 26th, 2021 at 8:32 am
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In the past 30 years, the Countryfile Calendar competition has become one of the biggest photography competitions in the UK. From tiny voles to wide open landscapes, your amazing pictures have raised record amounts for charity through the calendar itself: with the 2021 issue bringing in more than £3million for BBC Children in Need.


Here, we take a look back at some of our most memorable overall winners and judges' favourites from the past three decades.


The Countryfile Calendar for 2022 is now open for entries – see our guide to this year’s competition.

Frozen Lake, 2003

Frozen lake, with white-frosted trees, frosty grass and blue sky
Robert Fulton, Frozen Lake, BBC Countryfile Calendar competition 2003

'Winter Sundown', 2004

A tree silhouetted against a pink and orange sky.
Lorraine Harvey, 'Winter Sundown', BBC Countryfile Calendar competition 2004

'Sheep in Spring', 2007

A lone sheep stands next to a thorny tree looking up towards a hill.
Claudia Wass, 'Sheep in Spring', BBC Countryfile Calendar competition 2007

'Spring Lamb', 2008

Lamb in a field, mid-jump, with grey sky in background
Richard Peters, 'Spring Lamb', BBC Countryfile Calendar competition 2008

'In-flight meal', 2009

Puffin in mid-flight with fish in its beak and wings splayed comically
Richard Steel, ‘In-Flight Meal‘, overall winner of the BBC Countryfile Calendar Competition 2009.

'Rainbow's End', 2013

A vertical rainbow across the slope of a lakeside hill, with tiny white houses at its base
Jean Burwood, 'Rainbow's End', Judge's Favourite, BBC Countryfile Calendar competition 2013

'On the move', 2013

Badger rambles towards the camera through a tunnel of curving trees
Dave Foker, ‘On the Move‘, Overall Winner, BBC Countryfile Calendar competition 2013

'Coastline Canter', 2016

Woman on horseback trotting along the shoreline at sunset
Graham Mealand, 'Coastline Canter', BBC Countryfile Calendar competition 2016

'Berry Brunch', 2017

A water vole helps itself to a bunch of blackberries
Dean Mason, 'Berry Brunch', BBC Countryfile Calendar competition 2017

'First Flight', 2018

Birds fly over an inlet, with low warm sunlight and clouds
Jarek Kurek, 'First Flight', overall winner in the BBC Countryfile Calendar 2018

'Winter Wanderers', 2018

Black and white photo of deer family crossing a snowy field, with black trees silhouetted in the background
Kevin Dolby, 'Winter Wanderers', judges‘ favourite in the BBC Countryfile Calendar competition, 2018

'Pole Position', 2019

Five inquisitive baby polecats peek out from under some vegetation
David White, 'Pole Position', BBC Countryfile Calendar competition, 2019

'Among the Purple Heather', 2021

A young red deer with newly growing antlers peers out from the top of a shock of purple heather
Shane Stanbridge, 'Among the Purple Heather', BBC Countryfile Calendar competition 2021


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