Top five archaeology days

 As part of The Festival of British Archaeology, here are five ways to dig up the ancient secrets of Britain and beyond.


1. The Horse Hunters of Cheddar Gorge, Somerset


14-29th July

Our ancestors dwelled in the dark caves of Cheddar Gorge at the end of the Ice Age, hunting wild horses by stampeding them over the edges of cliffs. A reenactment group dressed in deerskins will demonstrate flint knapping and fire making, key skills in surviving the stone age. Also includes a talk about the artefacts and bones excavated from the caves, cave painting and making pinch pots. 

2. Walk with an Archaeologist: the Stonehenge Landscape, Wiltshire 

16th July 

Stonehenge remains one of the most mysterious archeological specimens in the world, with huge stones taken from distant counties in a cryptic religious circle. Join Neolithic expert and National Trust archaeologist Dr. Nick Snashall on an exploration of the Stonehenge landscape, find out about the latest discoveries and exciting finds. The walk measures about 8 miles, so it is recommended to bring a packed lunch to enjoy whilst walking. 

3. The Knights Tournament, Wiltshire

21-22nd July

Come and marvel at fully armoured medieval knights, ready to do battle in hand-to-hand combat, archery competitions and much more. Witness the ultimate tournament of strength and nobility, just as our ancestors did hundreds of years ago – who will reign supreme and be the ruling victor of Old Sarum? 

4. Our Ancient Sporting Lives, Dorset

21st July

In the spirit of the Olympics, why not visit the Roman House and take part in some Roman and Greek style games and sports, with the Poole Young Archaeologists Club? Everyone can get involved, and demonstrations will be held throughout the day. A great experience for the whole family in a beautiful setting, and it’s free! 

5. Egyptian Storytelling, Devon

25th July


Travel back in time to the Egyptian pharaohs, as Howard Carter tells the tale of Tutankhamun, the ‘Boy King’ of Egypt. Listen to one of the most remarkable archaeological discoveries of all time, as he takes children on a journey into the world of hidden secrets unseen for over three thousand years! What treasures lie behind the crumbling walls of the pyramid?