Christmas crafts: How to make pebble dominoes

Here's how to make your own pebble dominoes to give as a gift this Christmas

Pebble dominoes

This adorable craft makes a fun and educational present for the little ones. Get creative with colours and styles to create something truly unique.

This traditional game, which has its origins in China, has been played and enjoyed by families across the world for centuries.

Recreate your own version using nothing more than beach pebbles collected on an afternoon walk, some white paint and varnish.

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If you don’t have a set to hand to copy the dots from, there are lots of handy charts online to help.

Here we’ve kept to the classic style, but a more toddler-friendly version of dominoes, where each end is painted in a different colour, makes an ideal gift for small children to help them learn matching pairs and colours.


You Will Need

  • 28 flat pebbles
  • White paint and brush
  • Clear varnish and brush
  • Square of fabric in which to present the dominoes

Step 1

Wash the pebbles to ensure they are clean and dust-free.

Step 2

Using a white paint and brush, or like us, a corrector pen, add the dots, setting each pebble aside when complete to dry.

Step 3

After drying, paint each pebble with varnish on both sides, before allowing to dry overnight.

Step 4

Cut a square of fabric, hem if possible, and wrap the dominoes inside, knotting the fabric. Add a tag with twine to finish.