How to make handmade soap

This easy craft is lots of fun, experiment with scent, colour and decoration to create the perfect gift for friends or family.

Handmade Christmas soap

Handmade soup is easy and fun craft to make, plus with careful supervision, it’s a great craft for children to try, too. A few simple ingredients and a bit of imagination is all that’s needed. The soap can be bought from craft shops or online for a few pounds.

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Here, we’ve used a glycerine soap base that allows for a bright transparent soap, but for a more luxurious bar, you can use shea butter, goat’s milk or cocoa butter base.

We’ve opted for fresh lemon and lavender and fragrant rose soap, but you can experiment with all sorts of scents.

The presentation is what will give this gift an edge so try to source pretty flowers and unusual foliage to add a touch of nature.


You Will Need

  • Glycerine soap base (500g), (to make around three bars)
  • Rose, lavender, lemon
  • Microwaveable bowl
  • Soap moulds or Tupperware boxes
  • Food colouring, (optional)
  • Metal spoon
  • Baking parchment
  • Twine
  • Foliage for decoration

Step 1

Add the soap base into the microwaveable bowl and cook for short blasts of around 10 seconds at a time until the wax has melted. Avoid stirring it too much as you don’t want lots of bubbles in the mixture.

Step 2

When melted, add a few drops of your preferred colour – the more you use, the more vibrant the colour. Add petals, lavender, etc.

Step 3

Pour the melted soap into the moulds – Tupperware works well, as do silicone baking cases.

Step 4

Repeat the melting process for any other colours you wish to make.

Step 5

Allow the moulds to set overnight. Refrigerating will speed the process up, but once set, soap is best left at room temperature to avoid discolouring.

Step 6

Cut your soap into bars. We stacked our soaps in threes, which works better aesthetically.

Step 7

Cut a strip of baking parchment to fit around the soap and fold it over to create a smooth edge. Tape down the sides to secure. Wrap with baker’s twine and add a label made from kraft card to finish.