Strawberry, lemon curd, mascarpone and pepper sandwiches

  • Easy

These easy-to-make summer sandwiches are perfect for a family lunch in the garden or a picnic by the river.

Summer sandwiches

June is synonymous with strawberries, making it the perfect time to create these dainty little sandwiches for a summer picnic.

Put them together as neatly as you can, taking care to spread the mascarpone and lemon curd in an even layer, right to the ends of the bread, then slicing the strawberries thinly so they can be arranged precisely, before cutting the crusts off, of course – the perfect mouthful.

A tiny smattering of black pepper complements the sharp lemon, juicy strawberries and creamy curd. 

Celebrate Britain’s strawberry season with these fun summer sandwiches/Credit: Getty


  • Mascarpone cheese 150g
  • Icing sugar 1 tbsp
  • White bread 8 slices
  • Lemon curd 80g
  • Strawberries, stemmed and thinly sliced 1 punnet
  • Freshly ground black pepper to taste


  • Step 1

    Mix the mascarpone and icing sugar in a bowl. 


  • Step 2

    Take half the white bread slices and spread them with mascarpone. Spread the other half with lemon curd.


  • Step 3

    Arrange the sliced strawberries neatly on the mascarpone-spread bread then top with the curd-spread bread.

  • Step 4

    Cut the crusts off, then slice the sandwiches into neat triangles. Eat immediately.