Best summer recipe ideas

Here's our guide to the best summer recipes, from seasonal light bites to refreshing drinks.

Chopped tomatoes and knife on cutting board, fresh vegetables on the table, top view. (Photo by: Anjelika Gretskaia/REDA&CO/UIG via Getty Images)

Bask in the rich flavours of summer with our favourite recipes, perfect for a barbecue with friends or a picnic in the sun

Vegan fava bean falafels 

The majority of the pulses we eat in Britain are imported from farms across the world – except the humble fava bean. These authentic Egyptian falafels, made with split fava beans, are the perfect addition to a summer BBQ and great to take on picnics.

Fava bean falafel
These vegan falafel snacks are perfect to take on a summer picnic

Blackberry coulis 

This easy-to-make blackberry coulis uses only three ingredients and freezes well, making it the perfect recipe to use up the blackberries you’ve picked during the summer months- keep a batch in the freezer and use it as a topping the next time you make pancakes or chocolate fudge cake.

Blackberry coulis recipe
Use this blackberry coulis as a topping for ice cream or pancakes

Asparagus and sweet potato hash with smashed avocado and egg 

This fresh and easy vegetarian brunch is perfect for the summer months – just spice it up with jalapenos or chilli flakes to taste.

Avocado and sweet potato hash vegetarian brunch (Photo by: Claudia Totir via Getty Images)
This avocado and sweet potato hash is the perfect vegetarian brunch for summer (Photo by: Claudia Totir via Getty Images)

Homemade elderflower cordial 

The floral taste of this traditional syrup is great with water, but also complements pastries, cakes, ice-cream and champagne or prosecco.

Two glasses of elderflower cordial
Enjoy a fresh and fragrant drink with easy and delicious elderflower cordial recipe – the perfect summer drink. (Getty)

Runner bean chutney 

Every allotment across the country will have plots studded with elongated wigwams. If, back in early spring, you were wondering what they were, summer offers the answer: they are supports for runner beans. Use up your runner bean glut with this easy chutney recipe.

jars of chutney
Old runner beans can be stringy and the husks around the growing seeds can feel like a mouthful of sandpaper, so are best avoided. (Getty)

Blackberry and apple sorbet 

This fruity sorbet recipe uses golden syrup instead of granulated sugar gives to give it a soft texture. If you can, use blackberries that you’ve picked yourself from the hedgerow – they taste far more intense than the big fat ones you buy in the shops.

Apple and Blackberry Sorbet
This fruity sorbet is perfect for using up hand picked blackberries