Red squirrels numbers on the rise

A survey by the Red Squirrels Northern England Conservation Society has found a 7% increase in the spread of the species since 2012.


Having been fighting extinction for over a century with the introduction of the North American grey squirrels to the UK, the native reds seem to be coming back.


Their chances were further boosted by news of a decrease in grey squirrel distribution of 17% in the same report, thanks to careful control of grey population through trapping and shooting, and possibly due to last year’s bad weather too.

It’s good news for the reds, the first in over 100 years. They’ve been spotted in Ambleside, Cumbria, for the first time in a decade, and even as far south as Bootle.


For further information, or to report your own sightings of red squirrels, visit the RSNE website.