Guide to Winterwatch, Springwatch and Autumnwatch 2019: everything you need to know about the new BBC series

Winterwatch will return to BBC Two next year, broadcasting live from a new location in the wildest landscape of the UK - the Cairngorms National Park. Here is our guide to what you can expect from The Watches series in 2019

Snowy deer

Here is our guide to what you can expect from BBC Two The Watches series –Winterwatch, Springwatch and Autumnwatch in 2019.

Where is Winterwatch?


In January 2019, Winterwatch heads to the frozen landscape of the Cairngorms in Scotland. Presenters Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan and Gillian Burke will host the wildlife extravaganza, kicking off the year in the depths of winter in one of the toughest places in the country for our animals. The freezing temperatures and blanket of snow make this an extreme environment to call home, and the team will explore how the local wildlife adapts to get through this toughest of seasons.

Michaela Strachan says: “I’m so excited to be going to the Cairngorms for Winterwatch. It’s such a stunning place. Full of wildlife, dramatic, wild and very, very cold! The wildlife always delivers from Golden Eagles to Mountain Hares, Wild Cats to Black Grouse, Ptarmigan, Pine Marten, Red Squirrel, Water Vole, Otter. The Highlands have a wonderful diversity of wildlife and habitats. It’s one of those places in the UK where you can really connect with the natural environment.”

Bleak winter conditions in the Cairngorms (Getty)
The Winterwatch studio will be based at The Dell of Abernethy, a lodge built in 1780 which sits on the edge of the Abernethy Caledonian pine forest and is perfectly placed to link viewers to the whole of the Cairngorms. From here, the team will be able to showcase the whole region, seeking out the wildlife that thrives in this challenging habitat, and looking at the people and projects working to conserve it; including the UK’s largest landscape-scale conservation project, Cairngorms Connect.
Chris Packham says: “Scotland – land of the brave, home of the wild and hope for the UK’s wildlife. This is the happening zone in conservation and home to the most amazing diversity of sexy species. I can’t wait”.

Springwatch and Autumnwatch

Winterwatch will be followed by Springwatch and Autumnwatch (known as The Watches) later in the year, keeping up with some of the key year-round residents such as golden and white-tailed eagles, red squirrels and pine martens, as well as meeting the seasonal arrivals as they flock to this wild landscape in spring and summer.

Garden Warbler (Sylvia borin) perched in tree in spring. (Photo by: Arterra/UIG via Getty Images)

By staying for a full year, the team will get to know the area like never before, exploring the snow-capped mountains, ancient forests, raging rivers and deep, silent lochs in intimate detail. The Cairngorms are home to some of the most revered and rare wildlife in the UK – and The Watches will follow that life as the seasons change, unravelling exactly what it takes to survive in this great Scottish wilderness.


Winterwatch will return to BBC Two in January 2019.