New Bulls Please

Young, free, single and in search of romance? The National Trust has a job for you. Bad news: you must be a rare White Park bull

19/09/2016 Pics (C) Huw John, Cardiff. 
MANDATORY BYLINE -  Huw John, Cardiff

Dinefwr Park is one of the most illustrious places in Welsh history, a stunning 800 acre estate on the outskirts of the old farming town of Llandeilo

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After 1,000 years on the National Trust estate at Dinefwr, Carmarthenshire, a herd of rare white park cattle is in danger of extinction unless a new young bull and cows can be bought in to keep the bloodline alive.


National Trust Wales urgently needs to raise £36,000 to buy the new animals before the existing 13-strong herd becomes too old to breed. The animals are characterized by pure white coats, black noses and ears. There are fewer than 750 breeding females left in the world.

Wyn Davies, a local dairy farmer, has been caring for the herd for the past 18 years. He’s passionate about making sure their heritage and legendary status are protected at Dinefwr.

Wyn said: “After 4 years of distinguished service, the current bull, Strelley Bendigo, has maximized his potential within the herd. A new male needs to enter the herd to preserve the bloodline and make sure the bulls bred on the land are true to species.”

Dairy farmer Wyn Davies (right) looks after the White Park cattle at Dinefwr. Rhodri Thomas (left) will take over the herd in the next few years

Richard Broad, field officer at the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) said: “The RBST fully support the maintenance and future development of the herd of White Park cattle at Dinefwr. Based in the homeland of the breed in west Wales, the campaign is a beacon of hope for all rare breeds.”


White Park cattle also be found at the Chillingham Estate in Northumberland and a handful of other sites around the UK.