Before we share our list of the best camping lanterns to check out online, here’s a quick guide to finding the right model for you.


How to choose a camping lantern

Here are some of the main things to think about:

  • Strength of light – measured in 'lumens'
  • Lighting modes – dimmable, flashing, red for night time and so on
  • Waterproof rating – ideal if there’s a chance of rain
  • Useful features like hanging hooks, integrated power banks and detachable torches etc.
  • Size and weight – is it convenient to carry around if you’re walking to your destination?
  • Fuel type...

Electric, gas powered or wind up?

Camping lanterns use a variety of different power sources:

  • Battery-powered (with disposable batteries)
  • Rechargeable from cable
  • Rechargeable with wind-up arm
  • Solar-powered
  • Gas-powered from fuel canister
  • Candle, paraffin or petrol

The best option for you depends on how you want to use your camping lantern. While wind-up designs are fairly rare, you can find plenty of battery-powered lanterns in all shapes and sizes.

Gas lanterns are the traditional choice, offering a reliable source of intense light. On the other hand, electric designs can offer a safer alternative. They’re quieter, heat-free, less bulky and don’t emit any dangerous fumes – important if you need a tent light.

On the other hand, batteries can be expensive to replace. If the lantern is rechargeable, will you have access to mains electricity in order to do so?

How many lumens?

Camping lanterns’ lumen ratings vary hugely, so it’s worth considering how you’ll use your lamp.

  • Some battery and solar-powered lanterns have a rating of under 100 lumens, which is enough for close-up tasks or ambient lighting.
  • Gas-powered lanterns generally provide around 300-500 lumens, so they work well for various tasks.
  • There are plenty of rechargeable and battery-powered lanterns with maximum lumen ratings of up to 1,000. They’re a fantastic choice if you want to light up a large area.


Look out for designs with sturdy construction and high waterproof ratings. Gas-powered lanterns with metal cages are also a durable option.

Battery life

This is one of the most important aspects of any camping lantern. While some battery-operated and solar-powered tent lanterns can only offer several hours of light, many can keep going for days at a time on a single charge. One of the most impressive lamps we’ve found is Coleman’s BatteryGuard 800L, which is designed to provide up to 200 hours of continuous light.

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Bright ideas for camping lanterns

NEBO Big Poppy lantern & torch with power bank

NEBO Big Poppy camping lantern / torch with power bank on a blue background
  • Rechargeable via cable
  • Three functions: white light torch / white light lantern / warm white flame effect
  • Maximum 300 lumens
  • In-built power bank
  • 430g

With its stylish exterior, multifunctional design and price tag under £40, we rate this as one of the best-looking camping lanterns we could find online.

Switch between 300-lumen white light and a realistic flame-effect when using it as a lantern, or quickly transform it into a 120-lumen torch when you’re on the move. You can even dim the white light lantern and torch when you want a lower intensity of light.

The design also includes a rechargeable battery and power bank, so you can top up your devices while out and about.

To protect this tent light, the makers have finished it with a durable, water-resistant rubberised shell.

Trespass Camping Lantern and Torch

Trespass Camping Lantern and Torch on a blue background
  • Battery powered with AAA batteries
  • Removable torch
  • White light
  • Maximum 95 lumens

For a simple, affordable solution, check out this lightweight camping lantern from Trespass. The central section is a separate torch, which you can remove when you need a more intense spotlight.

Compact and easy to transport, this lantern is just 14cm tall and 10cm across. Using the handy strap at the top, tie it to the outside of your rucksack for travelling or to the top of your tent for hands-free light.

You’ll need a supply of three AAA batteries to power this lantern, as well as some spares in case they run out mid-trip.

Coleman BatteryGuard 800L Lantern

Coleman BatteryGuard 800L Lantern on a blue background
  • Battery powered with D batteries
  • Maximum 800 lumens
  • Three brightness settings
  • 520g

One of the brightest camping lanterns around, the BatteryGuard 800L is a versatile choice, thanks to the three different intensity settings. Choose between 75, 250 or 800 lumens, which should cast light for 6m, 9m or 15m. Depending on the functions you use, the lamp’s four D batteries should last between 30 and 200 hours, says Coleman.

More like this

For extra convenience, there’s a folding metal handle with a rubberised grip, and the whole lantern is designed to be water-resistant in rain showers.

Outdoor Revolution 2-in-1 Lantern & Mosquito Killer

Outdoor Revolution 2-in-1 Lantern & Mosquito Killer on a blue background
  • Rechargeable via cable
  • In-built UV bug zapper
  • Three brightness settings

One to consider for summer and autumn expeditions, this design from Outdoor Revolution includes a mosquito-zapping UV light to keep you protected from annoying bugs. It’s the ideal choice for anyone camping in hot climates or remote areas.

After a three-hour charge, the LED lamp should run for four hours, while the insect zapper is designed to work for up to 30 hours.

The light comes with a useful hook for suspending in your tent and it’s water-resistant, too.

Eurohike 1W LED Orb light bulb

Eurohike 1W LED Orb light bulb on a blue background
  • Battery powered with AA batteries
  • Two functions: solid / flash
  • Maximum 40 lumens

Another simple and affordable solution, this light bulb from Eurohike comes in at under £10. The light level is low, at 40 lumens, so we recommend getting a few of these bulbs to hang as tent lanterns.

When you pack up, just clip them to the outside of your pack using the carabiner clip.

Nebo Galileo 1000 Lantern

Nebo Galileo 1000 Lantern on a blue background
  • Rechargeable via cable
  • Five functions: high 360° (1,000 lumens), medium 120° (300 lumens), low 360° (100 lumens), red high (15 lumens), red low (2 lumens)
  • Maximum 1,000 lumens
  • In-built power bank
  • 230g

For a gadget with so many clever functions, this camping lamp has an impressively low weight, coming in at just 230g. It’s one of the more expensive models on our list, but you might think its versatility offsets that cost.

You can switch between five different functions (listed above), including high- and low-intensity red light for visibility at night.

There’s even an in-built power bank for charging your other devices on the go, and a carabiner-style handle for slinging it onto your backpack. According to the makers, the whole lantern is resistant to water and dust, so it should cope well with everyday activities.

Fire Maple Camping Gas Lanterns

Fire Maple lanterns on a blue background
  • Gas powered
  • Adjustable flame
  • 89g / 140g (without gas canister)

If you’re after an old-school camping lantern, here’s a great option for you. Fire Maple makes beautiful gas-powered lanterns and cooking stoves designed for the great outdoors. We love the aesthetics of these glass lamps, which you can pair with the brand’s smart leather cover to slip over gas canisters.

The makers have included a valve, so you can adjust the gas flow to change the intensity of the flame. The pack also includes cleaning needles for unblocking the jet.

MPowerd Luci Lux camping lamp

MPowerd Luci Lux camping lamp on a blue background

This little gadget has already received hundreds of positive reviews across several different retailers. It’s solar-powered for sustainability, rated waterproof to a 1m depth and weighs just 125g.

Attach it to your pack to soak up sunlight during the day, and after a seven-hour charge it should give 24 hours of warm white light. There’s even a battery-level indicator to show you when power is low.

Upgrade to the Luci Pro to get an in-built power bank as well.

Quechua Camping Lamp

Quechua Camping Lamp on a blue background
  • Rechargeable via cable
  • Four functions: 230 lumen warm white / 80 lumen warm white / 15 lumen red / 40 lumen torch
  • Adjustable strap
  • 150g

Unlike many of the other best camping lanterns you can buy, this one comes with a long, adjustable strap, which should make it easier to attach it to bags and tent interiors.

The makers say it takes around three hours to recharge the battery, and you’ll get between four and 48 hours of light, depending on the settings you use. There’s a battery level indicator to warn you when power is low too.

As an added bonus, this tent lantern is rated IPX4, so it should survive rain showers and water splashes.

Primus Mimer Lantern

Primus Mimer Lantern on a blue background
  • Gas powered
  • Adjustable flame
  • Maximum 330 lumens
  • 345g

Primus stoves are well-known among campers, so it’s no surprise we’ve included one of the brand’s gas lanterns on our list.

The design combines stainless steel with frosted glass for durability and diffused light. According to the makers, it runs silently, so there’s no background noise as you relax in the evening.

Biolite Sunlight 100

Biolite Sunlight 100 lantern on a blue background
  • Solar powered and rechargeable via cable
  • Three functions: dimmable white light / coloured LEDs / colour-cycle mode
  • Maximum 100 lumens
  • 95g

It may not be the brightest lantern you can buy, but this lamp should offer 50 hours of continuous power from a pack measuring just 8.6cm x 2.3cm.

BioLite says it goes from empty to fully charged in just two hours if you’re using the USB cable, but you can top up the power with the solar panels on the back in seven hours.

Use the metal arm to prop up the panel at the optimum solar charging angle, and then to secure it to nearby objects when night falls.

Campingaz 206 lantern

Campingaz 206 lantern on a blue background
  • Gas powered
  • Adjustable flame
  • 470g

With its characteristic bright blue colours, Campingaz is a familiar brand for most campers. Using one of the brand’s pierceable C206 cartridges, you should get up to five hours of light from this lantern, and you can adjust the intensity of the flame.

The base comes with holes for tent pegs – ideal if you want to secure it to uneven ground.

Other features include the steel globe guard and the frosted glass, which helps give a soft, diffused light. You’ll also get a durable metal carry handle for moving around your camping spot.


It needs handling with some care, though, so as not to damage the fabric mantle.

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