Pocket warmers are a delightful treat when it comes to making frosty conditions more bearable. Like a mini hot water bottle in the palm of your hands, pocket warmers are suitable for campers, walkers and bird watchers looking for an instant hit of heat. They're also perfect if you're fed up of shivering on the sidelines of your children's football or rugby match.


We've rounded up the best pocket warmers so you can enjoy your cold weather expeditions even more. All of the products included are reusable, and we've selected a range of styles and heating functions so you can choose a pocket warmer that suits your outdoor activities.

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Best pocket warmers for 2022

Zippo Refillable Hand Warmer

Orange hand warmer

If you're looking for a pocket warmer that can provide heat for a lengthy period of time, this option from Zippo boasts 12 hours of hand warming. The device features a catalytic burner, which allows for flameless heat, so you can safely enjoy the warmth.

To get started, you'll need a lighter and Zippo lighter fluid. The first step involves taking the device apart and filling it with lighter fluid. There's a cotton layer which soaks up the fluid, providing fumes for the catalytic burner to work its magic.

After you've poured in the fluid, place the burner on top, and light it with a flame to get the heat going. Once this is complete, pop the outer case back on. Finally, put your toasty hand warmer in the soft pouch and comfortably appreciate the cosiness!

Ideal for a frosty fishing trip, or perhaps a chilly camping holiday, you're bound to make use of this reusable gadget.

Lifesystems Outdoor USB Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Black rechargeable hand warmer

Another compact pick, this handy, rechargeable pocket warmer promises to heat up in just 10 seconds. It should provide you with three to six hours of heat, so it would work well if you're on a short to medium day hike. You can charge it up through mains or USB, and it comes with its own USB cable. It also works as a power bank which is particularly handy when you're in the wilderness and require a power source for your electronics. The two functions can't be used at the same time, so you'll need to choose whether you want cosy hands or a charged phone!

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Trespass Gel Hand Warmers

Blue Trespass reusable hand warmers

If you're after something quick and simple, for a shorter period of time, gel warmers could do the trick. To activate the heat, just click the metal disc. This causes the gel's consistency to change and solidify, and you'll start to feel the heat. For the best results, you can knead the gel too.

You get two in the pack and their small size means you can even pop them in your gloves for extra warmth! To reuse the pocket warmers, just boil them in water for 15 minutes and leave to cool. So the gel options are ideal if you're on the move and don't have access to charging equipment.

HeatRepeat Paw Print Hand Warmers

Paw print gel hand warmers

Another click option that works in a similar fashion, this time with a funky print! The fun design makes these pocket warmers an easy Christmas gift and stocking filler. You just need to click the metal disc to feel the benefits. The liquid will solidify, and you'll quickly feel the heat. To use again, just pop them in boiling water and the crystals will return to liquid. The heat lasts for roughly 20 minutes, so it's a quick fix if you're feeling the chill when you're nipping out for a short, wintry walk.

By purchasing these paw print hand warmers, you're supporting the RSPCA, so they're a top pick for animal lovers!

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HotRox Electronic Double Sided Hand Warmer

Black hand warmer

This smooth device is a perfect size for keeping your hands and fingers warm. You can choose between 45 and 50 degrees, depending on how cold you're feeling! This is another USB rechargeable device and it also doubles as a power bank, making it a useful and multi-functional outdoor accessory. The heat lasts for six hours so it's sure to make frosty expeditions more enjoyable!

Celestron Hand Warmer

Hand warmer, torch and charger

If you're after multi-functional, you're in luck. This device functions as a hand warmer, torch and phone charger, so it's a useful tool to have on hand when you're away from home! The red and white flash light has five different functions, including an SOS feature. It comes with a carry pouch, and you can choose to heat either one side, or both. So if you want to stay warm, charged up, and safe, this could be a helpful gadget to have in your rucksack!

Lifesystems Reusable Hand Warmers

Orange reusable hand warmers

These lightweight hand warmers last up to 60 minutes, so they're great for sporting events and hiking lunch stops. Just click the silver disc, and the gel should turn opaque. Massage for 10 seconds, and you're raring to go! They recharge in boiling water in just eight minutes, so you could boil them on your camp stove if you're on a multi-day trek. When the gel becomes clear, you can remove them from the heat so they can cool down. At such an affordable price, you could stock up and keep your whole group warm!


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