Autumnal wreath

Brighten your front door by making this attractive natural autumnal wreath.

Autumn wreath

Decorative door wreaths brighten any door and can be made in any season. Florist Bloom & Wild and lifestyle blogger Laura-Ann have created this simple step-by-step autumnal wreath guide.


You Will Need

  • Oasis naturebase biofoam ring
  • A selection of flowers
  • Autumn foliage
  • Floral scissors for cutting
  • Twine or ribbon to hang

Step 1

Gather a selection of foliage in the form of colourful autumn leaves and branches.

Step 2

Soak your biofoam oasis in water until it is full and heavy. Then, start your wreath with the foliage first.  In a circular direction, push the stems of your branches into your oasis ring. Keep going until you can’t see any brown foam.

Leaves in ring

Step 3

Trim the flowers at an angle so they’re about 3 inches long and push them directly into your oasis. It’s best you don’t move them once you’ve pushed them in as it’ll damage your oasis, so try to plan how it will look beforehand.

Image 8 - wreath making

Make sure your wreath is in an even circular shape, then attach the twine to create a hanger so you can display it n

Wreath on front door
your door. Then just remember to give it a light water every other day.