While chasing and throwing a ball can be great exercise for both you and your pooch, there’s no shame in admitting it can be difficult to keep up with your dog at times.


Rather than leave them hanging in suspense as they eye up the ball in your hand, you could opt for a ball thrower instead so they still have something to catch while you catch your breath.

There are a number of options to consider, from automatic throwers that will do the work for you, to sticks that will give you more leverage and distance on your launch. We’ve rounded several up and put together our top picks for your pup below.

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Best dog ball thrower to buy in 2023

All for Paws Automatic Ball Launcher

Whether you need a helping hand with your ball throwing, or even want to train your dog tor recover the balls and drop them into the machine themselves, this automatic option should give your dog a fun workout.

There are three different distance options which means you can launch the ball between 10 and 30 feet, and the box can hold up to three balls at once for a barrage of bouncing fun.

It's worth bearing in mind you can't use any other branded balls for this thrower, you must use the 2.5 inch tennis balls, three of which come included in the set.

Pocket Sized Dog Ball Thrower

Perfect for popping in your pocket until you're ready to send your pooch scarpering across the green, the Kompact9 tool cleverly expands from 24.8cm to 65.4cm, so you can get some extra height and distance on your throw.

An environmentally friendly option, it's also made from 100% recycled plastic, and comes with an additional hygienic bag so you can discretely store the ball after it's been rolling through puddles and mud.

More like this

Chuckit! Fetch and Fold Dog Ball Launcher

Ideal for taking to the park, this subtle ball thrower is compact enough to carry with you on a long walk, but will still achieve some considerable distance on your next ball launch.

Once unfolded from its convenient portable shape, the Chuckit! measures 25 inches, giving you some additional flex on your throw.

It comes with a durable ball included which slots perfectly into the holder, and the ball itself is a vivid orange which means it'll be easy for you to find, and should deliver a high bounce so your pup can enjoy chasing after it.

Pet Prime Dog Ball Launcher with Telescoping Handle

Get to grips with your ball throwing, with this ergonomic launcher from the Pet Prime store which has a raised handle so you can stay in control of your launch.

It's nice and compact standing at a height of just 42cm, however if you'd prefer some extra reach the telescopic handle can also be extended to 66cm.

Thanks to the curved shape at the head, this can also pick the ball back up without muddying your hands, and the ball itself has been made to be squeaky so you and your pet can keep track as it bounces.

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Petface Stretchy Ball Thrower

Made from 100% polyester, this stretchy ball thrower from Petface can be launched further than your regular ball, thanks to its hand strap which can be swung and released.

The ball is also connected to the strap thanks to a hole in the centre that it runs through, which means there is less chance of losing it afterwards.

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iFetch Original Dog Ball Thrower

Capable of launching your dog's ball three different distances which include 10, 20 and 30 feet, this ball thrower from iFetch will give you a chance to relax and enjoy watching your pooch play.

Easy to use, simply drop the ball into the top of the device and it will shoot out of the machine.

Just be mindful that this is mains powered, so it shouldn't be used in wet conditions.


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