Whether you're an experienced veg grower, keen gardener or simply trying to keep your spider plant alive, having a watering can that looks pleasant and is easy to pour can make the job more satisfying. Of course with different plants comes different watering needs, so it's worth thinking about spout width, rose style, capacity and material.

In our list of the best watering cans you'll find a range of designs including large and hardy picks ideal for outdoor use as well as daintier styles suitable for delicate seedlings.

We've also included a couple of practical yet pretty options that would make eye-catching garden and home accessories due to their unique designs. There's even a child-friendly option for young budding gardeners, so the whole family can get involved.

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The best watering cans for 2023

HAWS Multipurpose Watering Can, 700ml

HAWS Multipurpose Plastic Watering Can

You can always rely on HAWS if you're after a well-made and good-looking watering can. This Bartley Burbler design is suitable for watering your indoor pots and tiny seedlings, and has a capacity of one litre. It's made of recycled plastic, so it's nice and light to carry. Due to its lightweight design, this is a lovely choice if your children are enthusiastic gardeners, as they can help out!

It has a removable fine spray rose, so you can control the flow of the water and protect plants that require gentle watering.

Capri Europe Lungo Watering Can, 12L

12L grey watering can

This large capacity watering can holds an impressive 12L, so it's a solid choice if you've got a large garden to look after. Made from recyclable plastic, this is another lightweight and durable pick. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor plants. It would work well for flower arrangements, so you can keep your hanging baskets and flower beds looking vibrant and lush!

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Thanks to its slate grey finish and curved design, it looks pretty good in the garden, too.

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Burgon & Ball Indoor Watering Can, 700ml

Burgon and Ball Indoor Watering Can

This chic Burgon and Ball watering can is all about precision. It can hold 700ml of water, and has a slender spout for precise pouring. This makes it one to consider for small and delicate indoor plants. The neat spout should also prevent any unwanted spillages on windowsills and furniture so you can keep your indoor plant area dry and tidy.

It's designed for indoor use, and its contemporary design belies its low price. With a Japanese-style beech wood handle, glossy steel finish and rounded base, it should never be consigned to the kitchen sink cupboard.

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Crocus Metal Watering Can, 9L

Metal Watering Can with Gold Trim

This is a fairly large option as it can hold nine litres of water. It's made from galvanised metal, so it's a sturdy choice that should last a while! It's powder-coated, which should help prevent rusting, and it features a gold trim if you fancy a touch of glamour! The rose is detachable.

This metal watering can is a practical choice that offers a touch of rustic charm.

Burgon and Ball National Trust Children's Watering Can, 1L

Burgon and Ball Children's Watering Can

This adorable Burgon and Ball watering can has been designed in collaboration with the National Trust. It's made from galvanised steel for a rust-free appearance. It features a sweet bumblebee, frog and snail so it's bound to go down well with nature loving kids who adore exploring the outdoors! It can hold up to one litre of water, so it shouldn't get too heavy for little ones.

It would make a wonderful gift, and it's sure to encourage children to join you for a day in the garden.

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RHS Indoor Watering Can, 1L

RHS Indoor Watering Can Flora and Fauna Design

This is another Burgon and Ball watering can, and this one has been designed alongside the Royal Horticultural Society. It's a fun and bright choice featuring beautiful birds and flowers. It's suitable for indoor use, and the narrow and elegant spout means it's a great choice for precise watering. It can hold one litre of water, making it a top choice for houseplant lovers!

Indoor Watering Can, 300ml

Indoor Watering Can with Ombre Green Design

If you're looking for a particularly decorative choice, this indoor watering can has a quirky and crafty look. It's about the size of a mug, and blends in nicely among windowsill plants. It comes in a range of colours including terracotta, blue, yellow and pink. It's a plastic-free, handmade choice, and it would make a thoughtful little housewarming gift.

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Suttons Recycled Living Watering Can, 10L

Black watering can

This 10 litre watering can is a no-frills, purely functional choice that's sure to get the job done! It features a sprinkling head, and thanks to its large nature, it's ideal for tending to your vegetable patch. It would make a trusty companion for a long day of gardening duties as you can save on trips to the tap thanks to its large capacity.

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Steel Watering Can, 1.15L

Steel watering can

If you fancy a contemporary watering can with a sleek look, this could be the one for you. It can hold just over one litre of water and features a long handle and slender spout. You can keep it on your windowsill as a decorative house accessory, and it can act as a gentle reminder to keep your houseplants alive and hydrated.

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