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Best camping BBQs for grilling in the great outdoors

Fancy adding sizzling sausages and grilled halloumi to your camping menu? We've rounded up the best camping BBQs so you can grill on the go.

Published: July 29th, 2022 at 7:26 am

Huddling around the campfire and tucking into a hot and hearty BBQ feast is one of camping's many delights. So to help you enjoy a tasty grilled dinner after a day of campsite fun, we've rounded up nine of the best camping BBQs.


When purchasing your camping BBQ, it's worth thinking about your group size; the kind of food you'd like to BBQ; how you'll be transporting your camping BBQ (distance from car etc.) and whether you'd prefer to cook with gas or charcoal.

With this in mind we've pulled together nine camping BBQs of varying weights, functions and price points, so you can find a suitable match for your preferred camping cuisine. All of the camping BBQs in our list are elevated so you can avoid scorching the ground. So put the boil-in-a-bag rice aside, and upgrade your camping cooking experience!

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Best camping BBQs for 2022

Snow Peak Takibi Fire and Grill

Stainless steel camping BBQ

For a compact camping BBQ that won't weigh you down, give this model from Snow Peak a try. The nifty collapsible contraption can be taken apart, and flattened like flat-pack furniture. There's even a handy carry bag so if you've got a short trek between the car and the campsite, this camping BBQ should be easy enough to carry, just sling it over your shoulder. The model is made of stainless steel and you can use newspaper and kindling to get your fire started.

Remove the grill bridge after your meal and enjoy an open camp fire - perfect for toasting marshmallows.

Buy the Snow Peak Takibi Fire and Grill now from Amazon (RRP £343)

Primus Kuchoma Portable Gas Camping Grill

Primus camping BBQ

A stylish camping gas grill BBQ that folds into a neat briefcase design for easy transportation. This Primus design is all about making your cooking experience as straightforward as possible. Plug in your gas cartridge and push the ignition button to get cracking. The clean up process should be fairly simple too as there's a removable ceramic non-stick grill grate. You can even pop it in the dishwasher when you're home, ready for your next camping adventure.

In terms of appearance, it's essentially a shrunken BBQ you'd have for your garden. The foldable legs let you prop this design on top of a table so you don't have to bend to the ground to turn your steaks.

Robens Wayne Grill

Camping BBQ

A very similar design to the first model in our list, but for a much more affordable price. Same principles - this camping BBQ folds down and packs into a convenient carry bag. However there's no base plate with this one, so that could be a deal breaker if you want a tray to catch the ash. You can use charcoal or wood, and just remove the grill top if you fancy an open fire.

Outwell Cazal Fire Pit

Fire pit and camping BBQ

Whether you're hoping to keep warm after a day of kayaking, or fancy veggie kebabs for dinner, this fire pit turn grill is sure to come in handy. The fire bowl folds up, and there's no assembly required so it's a faff-free choice. A straightforward grate lets you grill away, and then you can huddle around the fire pit post dinner. A nice choice if you're after a cosy campsite vibe!

Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

Weber Go Anywhere BBQ

Weber is the go-to for many BBQ enthusiasts so it's no surprise the brand's Go-Anywhere charcoal BBQ has proven popular with campers. Designed to fit into the boot of a car, this camping BBQ is a neat design - measuring roughly 53 x 37cm - so you should still have plenty of room for your sleeping bags, wet weather gear and tents.

It’s cleverly designed and packed with nifty features. The swivelling legs double as a lid lock so you can keep everything securely in place when you’re on the move, and there’s plenty of room on the triple-plated cooking grate (there's space for six burgers according to Weber), so this design would work well for a group trip. There’s also lid vents to improve air flow, so it’s one to consider if you’re a BBQ pro and want the real deal whilst you’re away from your garden. A handy choice for a beach trip too!

Buy the Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill now from Amazon (RRP £109.99)

Easy Camp Adventure Grill BBQ

Easy camp BBQ grill

There are some fun colourful camping BBQs around if you want to go for a more eye-catching camping accessory. This green model from Easy Camp is particularly light, weighing just 2.4kg. Another design with foldable legs and you'll not need any tools to get started, so it's great if you're keen to get the sausages on as soon as you set up base.

Make use of the adjustable air vent for pro grilling, and as an added safety precaution there's a heat resistant handle.

Valiant Folding Camping BBQ - BarBeeCue

Yellow camping BBQ

A cheery colour sure to brighten up any campsite feast! Valiant's yellow camping BBQ is a breeze to carry as it turns into a compact briefcase, so you can carry it in one hand, whilst balancing roll mats and food supplies in another. With a cooking area of 23 x 32cm, this option would work well for two hungry campers.

As an added bonus, you'll receive a free packet of bee-friendly wildflower seeds with your purchase as this camping BBQ has been developed in partnership with the British Bee-Keepers Association, hence the quirky 'BarBeeCue' name.

Cadac Safari Chef Gas Camping BBQ

Cadac Safari camping BBQ

Sick of burgers and fancy a campsite stir fry instead? Cadac's camping BBQ is all about versatility as you can select from a number of cooking plates. There's a wok - simply chuck in some veg and fresh noodles - and a ribbed non-stick grill plate for fried eggs and BBQ favourites. You can also boil on the gas burner, so you'll get your morning brew too.

You can use refillable gas bottles and gas canisters for this model - just make sure you have the correct hose and regulator.

The range of cooking styles matched with its satisfyingly compact nature makes it a desirable camping accessory, especially if you're camping or in a caravan for a week and want a more varied and exciting menu for the week.

Kamado Joe Portable Charcoal Grill

Red portable BBQ

Our final camping BBQ on the list is perhaps not the most practical if you're hopping from campsite to campsite as it weighs a hefty 31kg (make sure you're parked nice and close and you've got a friend to grab an end!), but if you've set up camp for the week and you're serious about your BBQing, it's one to consider.

The rather funky egg-like Kamado Joe portable grill lets you control the temperature as there's an air vent and built-in temperature gauge. Depending on how hungry your fellow campers are, opt for high and fast (grilled peppers anyone?) or low and slow - ideal for meat joints. You can even smoke your food if you're out to impress. Thanks to the ceramic design, expect impressive heat retention and a durable design you can use for years to come.

With such a hefty price tag it's an investment, but due to its decent size (room for two whole chickens apparently) and aesthetically pleasing design, you could use this as a garden BBQ too throughout the summer months.


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