There's nothing more comforting than a big mug of English breakfast tea. We may have strong opinions on what makes the perfect cuppa - with milk amount, type, brew time and order of process all sparking huge debates in offices and homes across the country. But when it comes to type of tea, many of us rely on a classic English breakfast tea to get us through the day.


To make sure your cupboards are stocked up, for all events and times of the day, we've rounded up the best English breakfast teas around. You'll find beautifully boxed tea, perfect for gifting; everyday classics to have with your toast, and decaffeinated tea bags for an evening brew. We've also included a number of loose tea options for the tea pot enthusiasts!

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Best English breakfast teas for 2023

Yorkshire tea bags

Yorkshire tea bags

Regarded as the nation's most popular tea brand, and for good reason, Yorkshire tea is a clear winner for your everyday brew. The deliciously bold flavour helps it stand out from weaker tasting teas, but it's incredibly easy to drink, so you can continuously refill your cup throughout the day. Fantastic for dunking too.

This bulk bag of 600 tea bags is sure to keep your household going through plenty of breakfasts, working from home days and spontaneous visits. The brand has upped its game and now boasts 25% more tea per individual bag compared to its previous product, so expect a flavoursome cup. The convenient bag design makes it easy to carry, even if it's just from your car to the house.

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Clipper English breakfast tea

Clipper breakfast tea

Avoid unnecessary chemicals in your cup of tea and opt for an unbleached tea bag. Clipper claim to be the world's first tea company to swap over to plant-based, biodegradable, non-GM and unbleached tea bags. It's also the UK's first Fairtrade tea company.

Its English breakfast tea, an organic Assam and Ceylon blend, works well for every day drinking. It's not as punchy as the Yorkshire, so ideal if you're after something more mellow. Pleasantly refreshing too - a top option for a hot summery day. Pour yourself a cuppa and head to the sunniest spot in the garden, or fill a flask for a group picnic!

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Fortnum and Mason breakfast blend

Fortnum and Mason English Breakfast Tea

If you're pulling out all the stops for a special afternoon tea, treat your guests to a cup of Fortnum and Mason English breakfast tea. Described as robust and malty, it's sure to hit the spot. F & M is renowned for its luxurious products and showstopper gift sets, so this cute tin of individually wrapped tea bags would make the perfect addition to a wedding or birthday hamper.

While individually wrapped tea bags seem like a waste of packaging, it can be quite handy to have a few to hand for camping trips and hiking expeditions. Keep the tin as a useful kitchen accessory - great for biscuits, or refill with tea bags.

Buy the Fortnum and Mason breakfast blend now from Fortnum and Mason (RRP £12.95)

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Brew Tea Co English breakfast

Brew Tea Co English Breakfast Tea

One for the loose tea fans! Boasting strong and malty notes, and just one scoop will do the trick. This small box from Brew Tea Co, just 113g of loose English breakfast tea, is a nice starter pack if you're looking to try out your new teapot and infuser.

As a bonus, all of the contents - tea bags, inner bag and box - are all either compostable or recyclable.

Twinings Classics Decaffeinated English breakfast tea

Twinings decaf tea

While there are plenty of caffeine-free herbal and fruity teas to choose from, sometimes all you're craving is a milky brew and chocolate when you're tucked up on the sofa in front of the telly late at night. Of course many tea drinkers avoid caffeine at all times of the day, so it's always wise to have a box of decaf English breakfast tea in your cupboards.

These Twining tea bags offer a light and refreshing taste so they're well-suited to evenings. They're packed in foil for extra freshness, and you get 50 in the box.

English Breakfast Alice in Wonderland Mini Caddy

Whittard Breakfast Tea

Packed full of Whittard of Chelsea's loose leaf English breakfast black tea, and featuring beautiful Alice in Wonderland illustrations, this adorable mini caddy is quite delightful. Serve at a Mad Hatter themed tea party with your finest tea pot and crockery.

You should get around 25 cups from this dainty tin. Expect a smooth and robust flavour.

Buy the English Breakfast Alice in Wonderland Mini Caddy now from Whittard of Chelsea (RRP £8)

English Breakfast whole leaf tea bags caddy

Cartwright and Butler English Breakfast Tea

Another caddy option, and a lovely gift for the tea lovers in your life. The loose leaf Cartwright and Butler English breakfast tea is held in a biodegradable pyramid-shaped bag. This design aims to allow for a superior tea flavour as their should be more room for the leaves and water to infuse.

The same tea bags are available in a carton, so you can top up your caddy when you're due a refill.

Buy the English Breakfast whole leaf tea bags caddy now from Cartwright and Butler (RRP £7.50)

Tea Pigs English breakfast loose tea

Tea Pigs English Breakfast Tea

You've probably spotted Tea Pigs' quirky packaging amongst the many tea boxes on the shelves. Big on flavour as well as branding, the tea company is all about using large loose leaves, berries and herbs for a more flavoursome cup of tea. So you're in luck if you prefer a bold brew to wake you up in the morning.

This is loose leaf tea so you'll need some kind of strainer or infuser, but the brand also offers a range of tea bag products too if you don't have a teapot. It's a pretty small pack, just 100g, so not one for everyday use perhaps, but a lovely option for when you get the chance to enjoy a relaxing pot of tea to yourself.


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