Easy Easter makes and activities to do with children

From Easter egg hunts, to egg bowling and cake baking, celebrate the festive season with our selection of fun crafty Easter activities that children will enjoy.


Decorate Easter Eggs


Egg decorating is a popular Easter tradition, but did you know that according to Christian tradition, the egg symbolises the resurrection of Christ? The hard outer shell of the egg is said to represent Christ’s tomb, whilst the soft part of the egg is used to portray his rebirth.

Instead of following the usual way of decorating the hard-boiled egg, why not decorate the white body of the egg and serve as a colourful side dish? Create natural colourants using beetroot juice or onionskins to dye the egg. Cut the egg in half and fill with salmon, beetroot or avocado for an Eggtastic lunch outdoors. For more great egg recipes, see our recipe section here.

    Host an Easter egg hunt

    Easter would not be Easter without the traditional Easter egg hunt. Children of all ages love hunting for colourful eggs hidden around the garden. For a twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt, why not create cryptic clues to follow. 

    Alternatively, the National Trust offers numerous Easter activities for children to enjoy. Visit: nationaltrust.org.uk to find an Easter Egg Hunt near you

    Fancy a game of egg bowling?

    Instead of using traditional egg bowling balls, why not add a touch of Easter? Try using colourfully decorated hard-boiled eggs as bowling balls, with a plain white boiled egg as the target ball.


    Bake Easter treats

    Although the Easter period is full of chocolate eggs, there are many alternative tasty goodies that can be made. See how to make Easter carrot cakes or ginger biscuits here.

    Make an Easter basket

    Celebrate Easter with children by spending an afternoon creating an Easter basket. Try drawing a simple template on card or paper for children to cut out and decorate, before sticking together with glue or tape. For more great Easter craft ideas, visit: http://www.molliemakes.com/craft-2/20-ways-crafty-easter/

    Dig deep and get growing this spring

    Spring is the perfect time of the year to dig out old roots and brighten up your garden with colourful plants. Children will enjoy learning about different plants and planting their own wildflower seeds.


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