Best blackberry recipes

If you've been out picking early autumn's glut of blackberries, whip up one of these delicious blackberry recipes with your hedgerow bounty

Apple and blackberry crumble (Photo by: lenalapshina via Getty Images)
Published: July 29th, 2019 at 10:25 am
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Use your foraged finds with our blackberry recipe guide.

What is the season for picking blackberries in the UK?

The first early blackberries start appearing in August in the UK, but September and October can also be good picking months depending on location.


See our blackberry guide for advice on where to find, how to cook and store

Best blackberry recipes

Blackberry and apple mini pies

Make these fruity mini pies using freshly foraged blackberries

Filo pastry pie
Rustle up these easy filo pastry blackberry pie. (Getty)

Apple and blackberry crumble squares

Like classic fruit crumble but in a cuttable, transportable bar, these delicious crumble squares are perfect for a summer picnic.

Apple and blackberry crumble squares (Photo by: manyakotic via Getty Images)
These easy-to-make crumble squares are perfect for a summer picnic or hike (Photo by: manyakotic via Getty Images)

Apple and blackberry sorbet 

This fruity sorbet recipe uses golden syrup instead of granulated sugar gives to give it a soft texture. If you can, use blackberries that you’ve picked yourself from the hedgerow – they taste far more intense than the big fat ones you buy in the shops.

Apple and Blackberry Sorbet
This apple and blackberry sorbet is perfect for using up hand picked blackberries (Photo by: Getty Images)

Blackberry Cobbler

This simple recipe is quick and easy to make and a great way for all the family to enjoy this season’s blackberries.

Blackberry cobbler (Photo by: peterotoole via Getty Images)
Serve warm with cream, custard or ice cream(Photo by: peterotoole via Getty Images)

Blackberry coulis

This blackberry coulis uses only three ingredients and freezes well, making it the perfect recipe to use up the blackberries you’ve picked during the summer months- keep a batch in the freezer and use it as a topping the next time you make pancakes or chocolate fudge cake

Blackberry coulis recipe
Summer blackberry coulis is the perfect topping for ice cream or pancakes (Photo by: Getty Images)

Apple and blackberry crumble 

This classic crumble is easy to make and a perfect recipe for the late summer months, when hedgerow blackberries are abundant.

Blackberry and apple crumble
Enjoy a classic crumble flavour with this easy and timeless recipe. (Photo by: ingwervanille via Getty Images)

Blackberry vinegar

If you love balsamic vinegar you’ll love this recipe – it’s equally useful and extremely cheap to make using blackberries you’ve picked yourself. It's great in salad dressings or used as a cordial to treat colds.

Blackberry vinegar recipe
Home made blackberry vinegar is a great summer alternative to balsamic vinegar (Photo by: Annabelle Breakey via Getty Images)

Blackberry and coconut tray bake 

You can find blackberries in hedgerows, in gardens and along railway tracks to make this easy tray bake.

Blackberry coconut tray bake
This blackberry and coconut tray bake puts a modern twist on a classic British ingredient



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