Costume Drama Landscapes to Get Lost In

If you love the excuse for a bit of olden-day escapism as much as we do then don’t miss this costume drama locations guide to discover how you can experience the stunning film-worthy scenery for yourself.  


Suffragette: why a new portrayal of the struggle for women’s rights is more relevant than ever. Read more…

Click here to discover the wilds of Skye, the staggeringly beautiful backdrop to the latest Hollywood adaptation of Macbeth.

Drink cider in Laurie Lee’s local and soak up the rich landscapes of BBC 1’s Cider With Rosie. See here for more.

Discover the industrial landscapes where JB Priestley’s dark mystery, An Inspector Calls, was brought to life on the BBC.

It’s the 6th and final season of ITV’s Downton Abbey. Click here to plan your dream tour of the Crawley estate.

And for true costume drama veterans, see for yourself the iconic backdrop to “that lake scene”…

Words by Agnes Davis