Drummond Castle Gardens, Perthshire

Discover a symmetrical and impeccable castle garden, surrounded by the wilds of Perthshire

Published: October 24th, 2011 at 9:32 am


It is the perfect symmetry of the garden that immediately grabs attention. Everything, from the paths, the box hedges and the maple trees, to the copper beech trees that were planted by Queen Victoria during her visit in 1842, has been carefully thought out and planted to create one of the finest examples of formal gardens in Europe.
A mile-long driveway of beech trees leads to the imposing walls of Drummond Castle (not open to the public – it is a family residence). The original castle keep was built in 1430, and was sacked twice by Cromwell and his troops. But John Drummond, 2nd Earl of Perth, laid out the gardens in 1630, and it took a further 200 years for them to attain their present form.
Nowadays it can take a whole day for the team of gardeners to cut the extensive lawns and tend to the topiary and perfumed shrubs.


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Drummond Castle Gardens
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