There are lots of home comforts we can do without when we're camping, but for many of us, a hot cup of tea or coffee in the morning is a must. Thankfully there are loads of camping kettles around, for all kinds of trips, so we can enjoy our caffeine fix before the day's adventures begin.


Collapsible silicone camping kettles are ideal for multi-day treks due to their lightweight nature, or if you've got the car, you can opt for a large sturdy steel number - great for large family breakfasts.

Some camping kettles function as cooking pots too, so you can use them for your your pasta, porridge and freeze dried meals. While a camping pot works fine for making cups of tea, having a spout and lid makes pouring in the wilderness a whole lot easier, so a camping kettle is a worthwhile investment, especially for regular campers.

Here's our round-up of the best camping kettles for the ultimate brew with a view.

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Best camping kettles for 2023

Sea to Summit Collapsible Camping Kettle

Green collapsible kettle

For lightweight packs and long hikes, this collapsible kettle is a really useful piece of kit. The Sea to Summit kettle conveniently pops down when not in use and becomes a disc-like shape, so you can easily squeeze it down the side of your backpack when you're tight for space.

Made of heat-resistant silicone and an aluminium base, it's primarily designed to work with backpacking stoves with small flames. A solid choice if you're hopping from campsite to campsite each night, and handy for food prep too as it can hold 1.3L, so it's big enough for boil in the bag rice and noodles.

We like the bright green design too, easy to spot when you're searching through your camping gear.

Base Camp Kelly Kettle

Kelly Kettle

Kelly Kettles are a popular choice of camping kettle, and this stainless steel option holds 1.6l of water, so it's a decent size.

The nice thing is, no gas canisters are required. Just light a fire - twigs, dry grass and pine cones should do the trick, try newspaper if not - in the fire-base at the bottom of the device, and place your kettle filled with water on top. It works like a chimney, and therefore heats the water inside. You'll know your water is ready when the whistle goes, a nice way to make sure your party are awake and raring to go.

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A hardy and traditional choice, take on your next fishing trip and enjoy a coffee by the water.

Fire-Maple Camping Kettle

Camping kettle

You'll find a lot of hard anodized aluminium camping kettles around, as they tend to be durable and lightweight - perfect for multi-day hikes, camping trips and festivals.

This design from Fire-Maple weighs just 187g so you'll barely notice it in your pack. The prominent spout should allow for accurate pouring, a handy feature particularly when you're sitting on uneven terrain.

Great for a solo camping trip with a capacity of just 0.7L. It also comes a mesh bag for easy packing and travel.

Outwell Collapsible Kettle

Collapsible kettle
Collapsible kettle

Another collapsible kettle to consider, but this one has a capacity of 2.5L, so it's a better choice for large camping groups looking for their caffeine fix. The silicone is broken up with stainless steel, giving the flexible design a bit of structure.

It's just 4.5cm x 16.5cm when folded down so it's a handy space saver.

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BioLite KettlePot

Biolite kettle pot

For a more advanced camping kettle - and one for the gadget obsessed - try this contemporary option.

It's a cooking pot and kettle all in one, so it would make a great gift to the camping chefs in your life. The measuring guidelines are particularly useful for dehydrated meals when you need a specific amount of water. The large handle is another welcomed addition- great for a stressful cooking site, when you're juggling hot pans and divvying up meals. It's a bit heavier than some of our other picks, weighing 465g.

It's worth noting, this kettle only works with the BioLite campstove, so it's more of an investment, but a fun cooking gadget to own.

Robens White River Kettle

3L camping kettle

Our biggest camping kettle on the list, you'll get plenty of coffee refills and porridge made with this 3L capacity kettle. Made of stainless steel, with an attractive wooden knob on top, chuck it in the car for your next group family camping trip.

It's a desirable camping accessory with its classic and sleek look, and we like the fact there are two handles for safe pouring. Use with a campfire or open flame oven, and sort everyone out with cups of soup and hot chocolate.

Nordisk Aluminium Kettle

aluminium kettle

Potentially the best looking and most stylish kettle in our roundup. The cord handle helps this little kettle stand out, giving it a rustic and retro look. A capacity of 1.3L makes it a nice choice for a romantic getaway in the wilderness.

It works on camp stoves, so easy to use. The best part is the cute carry bag which doubles as a tea cosy!


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