Mother’s Day 2020: homemade gift ideas

Treat your mum this Mother's Day with our selection of lovely days out, best spring walks and homemade gift ideas.

Bunch of daffodils in a clear preserving glass on a wooden white window board with the sky and ground in the back.

From afternoon tea to the best spring walks, here is our pick of the best days out and lovely homemade gifts to celebrate Mother’s Day in the UK.

What date is Mothering Sunday in the UK in 2020?

This year in the UK, Mothering Sunday, also known by many as Mother’s Day, falls on Sunday 22nd March 2020.


Is Mother’s Day the same every year?

Mothering Sunday is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This was traditionally a day when Christians visited their ‘mother church’


Easy homemade gift ideas to make for Mother’s Day

Bird feeder decorations

For those who love watching garden birds, these inexpensive feeders will be a joy to hang around the garden. They’re simple and fun to make and the birds love them.

Bird feeder (Getty)

Make teacup candles

Follow this easy step-by-step guide to create the perfect teacup candle, which makes a lovely Mother’s Day gift. Add seasonal scents and decorations to jazz up your candle. Charity shops on car boot sales are a good place to pick up second hand tea cups.


Vanilla sugar scrub

Unwind after a long day trekking across the British countryside with this invigorating sugar scrub.

Cinnamon body scrub on a white background

Make a flower press

This lovely flower press is perfect for flower-lovers who want to preserve their hard work in the garden for that little bit longer.

Pressed flower heads

Seaglass and driftwood mobile

For sea loving mums, make this pretty seaglass and driftwood mobile. Perfect for hanging indoors or outside in the garden.


Perfect Seville orange marmalade

Try this easy and less time consuming whole fruit method of making marmalade for Mother’s Day breakfast in bed.

Orange marmalade (Getty)
Orange marmalade (Getty)