Easy arts and crafts for Mother’s Day

Whether you're a bit strapped for cash - or ideas - our simple suggestions for presents to make for your mum should keep her very happy on 11 March 


This year, Mother’s Day falls on the 11 March. If you’re not sure what to get your darling mum, or want to spend some time hand-crafting a personal treat, we’ve got plenty of easy ideas here. Don’t forget to send us your photos of your efforts!

1. How to make egg decorations

Use natural dyes and materials to create beautiful Easter eggs with a difference. Here is how to make them.

2. Bird feeder decorations

For those who love watching garden birds, these inexpensive feeders will be a joy to hang around the garden. They’re simple and fun to make and the birds love them. Here is how to make them.

3. Make a sea glass and driftwood mobile

Look out for driftwood and sea glass on your next beach trip to create this natural hanging decoration. Here is how to make one.

4. How to make soda bread rolls
Rustle up this wholesome soda bread to serve with a warming soup – the perfect Mother’s Day meal. Here is how to make it.
5. How to make a kite

There are few joys as simple and exhilarating as flying a brightly coloured kite in the breeze. For great family fun, build your own toy craft with this easy step-by-step guide and head to one of these kite festivals taking place this summer. how is how to make one.

6. How to make easy chocolate truffles

Homemade chocolate truffles on a plate.

This amazing recipe from our friends at BBC Good Food Magazine is self-explanatory: there’s only three ingredients, but they taste wonderful. And you’ll be guaranteed to be in mum’s good books if you turn up with a bag of these. Just don’t expect her to share

7. Craft a driftwood sailboat

Sailboat model on wooden table.

If your mum loves walking by the sea, why not start your adventures in driftwood craft with this relatively simple but effective looking sailboat. A cute and interesting addition to any bathroom! Here is how to make one.

8. How to make tin can candles

Keep cosy on the stormiest of spring ays by lighting homemade candles. These eco-friendly soy candles are easy to make in tin cans or pretty teacups. Here is how to make them.

9. How to print with flowers
Make the most of the countryside’s floral abundance with these deceptively simple watercolour-style prints. Here is how to do it.
10. How to make a garden fairy lantern

Create an enchanting garden fairy jar with foraged mosses and plants – it’s a fun and crafty way to spend an afternoon and will leave you with a magical lantern to light up your night. Here is how to make one.

11. Make a vanilla sugar scrub

Cinnamon body scrub on a white background

Whether your mum’s an adrenalin junkie who needs to unwind after a long day trekking across the British countryside, or simply deserves to put her feet up and relax, this sugar scrub should do the trick. Here is how to make them.

12. Make a flower press


Back in our April 2015 issue we featured this handy guide to making your own flower press. It’s perfect for flower-lovers who want to preserve their hard work in the garden for that little bit longer. Here is how to make them.

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