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Best dog water bottle

Keep your hound happy and hydrated with our pick of the best dog water bottles

Published: May 31st, 2022 at 3:53 pm
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Whether you have a short ramble planned, or a long trek on the horizon it’s always important to make sure you and your four legged friends have enough water to see you through the trip.


While you can carry a separate dog bowl to make sure your pup has plenty of fresh water, a specifically designed dog water bottle can be much more convenient, saving space in your rucksack, keeping the water cool and giving your pooch easy access.

We’ve put together some of our favourite picks below, from those that are particularly portable, to bottles that come with clever compartments, as well as those you and your hound can share to make sure you're both happy and hydrated.

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Best dog water bottle to buy in 2022

MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle

Treat your pup to some fresh water on your next hike with this portable dispenser from MalsiPree. There are two sizes available so you can opt for either 350ml or 550ml depending on the length of your walk, size of your dog and the temperature on the day.

Simply fill the bottle and press the button to release it into the tray for your pet to take a drink. There's no risk of any waste either, as any undrunk water can be returned to the bottle itself by pressing the water key once again.

Designed to be leak free you won't have to worry about any water being released until you want it to be, which means it can be stored in your bag as you travel with no spillage and because it's easy to use with one hand you can also keep hold of your dog lead at all times.

pecute Dog Water Bottle

You can swiftly transform this bottle into a portable pet bowl by simply unravelling the flexible material at the top which creates a lapping container for your dog.

The bottle itself is small enough to be placed into a backpack, or you can even hold onto it as you walk thanks to the hand strap attached.

There's just one button that will unlock and reseal the bottle so it's nice and easy to use, and once locked it wont leak water all over your dog or your belongings.

3 in 1 Dog Water Bottle

This versatile water bottle won't just help hydrate your dog on those long, warm walks, it also has a handful of other functions that will make the entire trip a little easier.

Alongside the water container and adjoining bowl which will be ready to use at the touch of a button, there's also a refillable compartment that will store bags for dog waste.

Small enough to conveniently carry, it also has an adjustable strap to help make carrying the item even easier.

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Asobu Dog Pet Bowl

If you're looking to hydrate your dog as well as yourself without having to carry multiple bottles, this may be the best option for you both. It comes with a separate bowl so you can pour some for your pooch and still drink directly from the bottle.

The bowl is conveniently tucked out of the way until you need it, as it can be screwed and unscrewed from the bottom whenever you want to take a water break.

The unit is also made from top quality stainless steel so should keep your drink protected at a nice cool temperature throughout the day.

Jackson Pet Co Dog Water Bottle

Fitted with a handy strap so you can keep it close by while handling your dog and lead, this water bottle from Jackson Pet Co also has a vibrant and colourful bowl so you're unlikely to misplace it between walks.

It has a convenient button that will release the water when needed, and should also keep it securely within the bottle when it’s not in use, so you don’t have to worry about any leaks causing a mess or wasting any water.

Designed to be light and compact to use on the go, it's also dishwasher safe so you can give it a thorough clean before your next outing.

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3 Peaks Travel Water Bottle

Equipped with its own fold out bowl to store the water when drinking, the three peaks bottle has been designed with durability in mind so you can take it on a rugged hikes with the terrier in toe.

Once the water has been lapped up, the rubber bowl can be rolled back down to save space when it’s packed away. It also has a convenient carabiner that should be able to latch onto your backpack so you can walk hands-free, or keep an extra grip on the lead when needed.

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Andiker No-Drip Pet Water Dispenser

Perfect for pets who want control over their own water drinking habits, this no-drip dispenser should stop any water from leaking thanks to small stainless steel balls that block the hose, but will move aside as soon as your dog is thirsty.

This can either be fixed to a wall for a consistent drinking habit, or attached to a cage or dog box if you’re travelling between locations and want to make sure your dog has an ample supply of water.

Wild & Woofy Dog Travel Water Bottle & Bowl

Suitable for you and your pup so you can both avoid being parched on your next trip, this sturdy and compact water bottle from Wild & Woofy features a separate bowl so you can pour your dog a drink and take some for yourself straight from the bottle.


Made from stainless steel this should be rugged enough for your travels, and due to the design should fit nicely in your backpack without taking up much space.


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