If you really want to show your dog just how much you care, and reward them for their undivided attention and total loyalty, we’ve got a few ideas that will have their tails wagging.


From delicious treats that will satisfy the most peckish pup, to toys like ball throwers that will exhaust any energetic canine, there’s even some stylish dog-wear on our list below that should make any breed beam.

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Best dog gifts to buy in 2022

Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Feeder

Keep an eye on your pooch when you're away from home with this handy camera from Furbo.

Not only will it allow you to watch your dog, it will also let you interact with them from afar so they can feel like you're close-by even if you're stuck on your commute or sitting in the office.

Thanks to the 1080p video quality you'll be able to see your furry friend in HD, and you'll even get push notifications when the device can sense your dog is barking so you can find out what's wrong.

There's also the option to pack 100 treats into the stand and toss them out to your pet remotely using the adjoining app, helping to keep them happy and entertained until you're reunited once again.

Chuckit! Sport Dog Ball Launcher

Get some extra length on your throws and have your dog running into the distance for a serious workout with this dog ball launcher from Chuckit!

Thanks to the vivid colours of the ball you're unlikely to lose them which is ideal considering the range they'll be launching at, and even if it ends up in the muddiest of conditions the scooper effect means you won't have to handle it and get the dirt all over your hands.

The handle should be nice and comfortable within your grip so you can keep your pet happy with endless throws, and thanks to the ergonomic shape you can control exactly which direction the ball is thrown in, so when you're done with your walk you can guide them home.

If you're in the process of training your puppy, you may want to buy a dog whistle for trips to the park too.

Dog Macarons Gift Treats

Promising to be both healthy and delicious, these dog friendly macarons would make a lovely treat for the pup with a sophisticated palate.

Ingredients include human-grade oat flour, coconut oil and honey, and they're available with a selection of tasty fillings with everything from a subtle lavender, to a sweet strawberry and even a salted caramel.

Personalised Luxury Snuggle Dog Blanket

If your dog loves nothing more than to snuggle up in their favourite blanket, why not give them a new cosy comforter that’s personalised with their name?

Perfect for providing your pup with their own special spot, or if you have many different dogs as an ideal way to differentiate their blankets, they'll have your pet snoozing in no time.

Thanks to the soft fleece material they should be extra comfy and it will help them stay lovely and warm in those colder months.

They're also nice and lightweight which means they're easy to pack and carry on a day out with your dog.

Totem Dog Bandana

For the suave dog in your life, this bandana from Pets at Home will not only have them looking sharp as can be, it will also help you spot them if you're out on a walk and want a pop of colour to keep them firmly in your sights.

More like this

Easy to place on your pet thanks to the slider, it is worth bearing in mind your dog should be supervised at all times while they're wearing this item to ensure it remains comfy and they don't chew or ingest the material.

For practical canine clothing, see our list of the best dog coats and dog boots you can buy online.

Buy Totem Dog Bandana now from Pets at Home

Paw Nectar Dog Paw Balm

After a long day of walking through the countryside or chasing balls in the park, make sure your dog’s paws feel fresh and healthy with this nectar balm.

Using organic ingredients which include aloe vera, shea butter and lavender oil, it should get to work on any dry and cracked paws, relieving pain and helping with any underlying paw problems.

You should see noticeable improvements in the quality of the paws within days. Just don't be afraid to apply the nectar liberally.

Elezenioc Dog Puzzle Slow Feeder Toy

Help stimulate your dog’s critical thinking with this slow feeder puzzle toy that will reward them with a treat when they solve the simple contraption.

Keeping your dogs on their paws and limiting any laziness, they'll be challenged to move the sliders to access the food beneath.

The unit has been made from a non-toxic and non-slip material so it should sit sturdily in one place helping your pooch have a fair chance at accessing the nibbles, and it should be nice and easy to wash once emptied.

RIGHTWELL Dog Water Bottle

Keep your furry friend hydrated on those long walks and ball chasing days, with this portable water bottle from Rightwell.

Capable of holding up to 350ml of liquid at a time, it has both a silicone seal and a locking handle to stop any from leaking in your bag and leaving your pup parched.

It’s easy to use too, simply press the release button and the water will enter the bowl area where it can then be lapped up.

You can read our full selection of the best dog water bottles here.

Silentnight Memory Foam Pet Bed

While there are plenty of pet beds available, this is unique in that it’s made from memory foam which means it should shape to the contours of your canine for an especially satisfying snooze.

Available in three sizes so you can adjust to the breed of your doggo, the soft material should also provide pressure relief which is especially ideal for older dogs.

The surface of the pillow is designed to withstand any scratches and stains and the cover itself can be removed whenever it's in need of a wash.

Faith in Nature Natural Coconut Dog Shampoo

Keep your pet smelling fresh with this vegan friendly shampoo from Faith in Nature. Available in both a bar or liquid that can be lathered in your pet's hair, it's made from 99% natural origin ingredients.

It promises a PH balance to ensure it's easy on your dog's skin, and is packed with vitamin E to make their coat luxuriant and shiny.


Completely free of parabens, this product has been approved by the Vegan Society as a pet friendly option to help keep your mucky pup clean.


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