The best summer picnic recipes

There's nothing better than a quintessential British picnic, especially one full of snacks you've baked yourself. Here's our guide to the best picnic food you can make at home

Picnic basket full of food

Next time you’re packing your picnic basket, make sure you include these tasty treats.

Smoked Trout, watercress and horseradish quiche 

Quiches are a classic picnic food, and this smoked trout and horseradish quiche really easy to make at home.

Smoked trout and horseradish quiche
This recipe makes a 25cm quiche that will serve around 4-6 people (Photo by: minadezhda via Getty Images)

Apple and blackberry crumble squares

Like classic fruit crumble but in a cuttable, transportable bar, use up your hand-picked blackberries to make these delicious crumble squares.

Apple and blackberry crumble squares (Photo by: manyakotic via Getty Images)
Swap blackberries for any other summer fruits (Photo by: manyakotic via Getty Images)

Pork and pickle pies 

These pork pies are designed for a picnic – they have pickle inside the pastry so it doesn’t slide off your plate.

Pork and pickle pie
Swap the pickle in this recipe for your favourite homemade chutney (Photo by: Diana Miller via Getty Images)

Moroccan lamb and quince sausage rolls 

Whether it’s a picnic or a somewhat snazzy lunchbox, these lamb sausage rolls put a spicy twist on a classic recipe. From Stuart Ovenden’s The Orchard Cook, they’re best enjoyed with a delicious mint and yogurt dip.

The Orchard Cook_Quince and lamb sausage rolls
Quince and lamb sausage rolls from The Orchard Cook (Photo by: Stuart Ovenden)

Savoury stilton scones 

These savoury scones can be frozen, so it’s easy to make a big batch then defrost before your outing.

Savoury stilton scones
This recipe combines savoury stilton scones with walnut and tarragon butter (Photo by: Carole Gomez via Getty Images)

Recipes by Genevieve Taylor (unless stated otherwise).