Best summer picnic recipes

There's nothing better than a quintessential British picnic, especially one full of delicious homemade dishes. Inspire you, here's our selection of easy picnic recipes.

Picnic basket full of food
Published: June 19th, 2021 at 4:13 pm
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There's nothing better on a warm summer's day than heading to the countryside for a quintessential British picnic – especially one packed full of delicious homemade dishes.


From old favourite classics such as sausage rolls and scones with jam and cream, here is a selection of picnic recipes to enjoy on your next outing.

If you're after picnic spot ideas, why not take a look at our pick of the best picnic spots in the UK countryside and family-friendly beaches that are ideal for a feast. And make sure you're kitted up with our picnic essentials: 16 things to pack for the perfect picnic.

Best picnic bakes

Smoked Trout, watercress and horseradish quiche 

Quiches are a classic picnic food, and this smoked trout and horseradish quiche really easy to make at home.

Smoked trout and horseradish quiche
This recipe makes a 25cm quiche that will serve around 4-6 people (Photo by: minadezhda via Getty Images) Getty

Pork and pickle pies 

These pork pies are designed for a picnic - they have pickle inside the pastry so it doesn't slide off your plate.

Pork and pickle pie
Swap the pickle in this recipe for your favourite homemade chutney (Photo by: Diana Miller via Getty Images)

Moroccan lamb and quince sausage rolls 

Whether it's a picnic or a somewhat snazzy lunchbox, these lamb sausage rolls put a spicy twist on a classic recipe. From Stuart Ovenden's The Orchard Cook, they're best enjoyed with a delicious mint and yogurt dip.

The Orchard Cook_Quince and lamb sausage rolls
Quince and lamb sausage rolls from The Orchard Cook (Photo by: Stuart Ovenden)

Apple, goat’s cheese, honey and hazelnut tarts

These tarts are quick and easy to make and ideal for a summer picnic. The recipe can easily be adapted using different cheese or herbs.

Apple, goats cheese and honey tarts ©Polly Webster
Apple, goats cheese and honey tarts ©Polly Webster Polly Webster

Vegan ‘sausage’ rolls in coconut pastry

These gluten, vegan ‘sausages’ rolls, made of cooked red lentils and roasted pepper, are perfect for packed lunches – you can swap the filling for sausagemeat, if you prefer.

Vegan sausage rolls
Vegan and gluten-free sausage rolls/Credit: Catherine Atkinson

Savoury stilton scones 

These savoury scones can be frozen, so it's easy to make a big batch then defrost before your outing.

Savoury stilton scones
This recipe combines savoury stilton scones with walnut and tarragon butter (Photo by: Carole Gomez via Getty Images)

Best summer salads

Broad bean, potato and radish salad

This fresh, green salad has all the tastes of spring and summer - crunchy greens and radishes, sweet broad beans and new potatoes.

Broad bean, potato and radish salad
Broad bean, potato and radish salad/Credit: Kathy Bishop and Tom Crowford

Tomato and raspberry salad

This easy-to-make salad is a real taste of the English summer.

Tomato and raspberry salad ©Louise Hagger
Tomato and raspberry salad ©Louise Hagger

Summer garden salad

Rejoice in the fresh tastes of early summer with a garden salad with a recipe from Kathy Bishop and Tom Crowford on their Somerset smallholding.

Summer garden salad recipe
Summer garden salad recipe/Credit: Kathy Bishop and Tom Crowford Kathy Bishop and Tom Crowford

Best sweet treats

Little cherry and almond cakes

An incredibly quick, one-bowl bake that you can whip up in minutes.

Little cherrry and almond cakes ©Polly Webster
Little cherry and almond cakes ©Polly Webster

Apple and blackberry crumble squares

Like classic fruit crumble but in a cuttable, transportable bar, use up your hand-picked blackberries to make these delicious crumble squares.

Apple and blackberry crumble squares (Photo by: manyakotic via Getty Images)
Swap blackberries for any other summer fruits (Photo by: manyakotic via Getty Images)

Classic scones

Whip up a fresh batch of homemade scones for a cream tea with this easy recipe.

Scones with jam and cream
A Devon cream tea - cream and then jam. (Getty)

Best homemade drinks

Homemade elderflower cordial

Enjoy a fresh and fragrant drink with easy and delicious elderflower cordial recipe - the perfect summer drink.

Elderflower cordial in bottle
Enjoy a refreshing homemade elderflower cordial/Credit: Getty Images

Gooseberry soda

Make a refreshing, fruity summer drink with a recipe from Kathy Bishop and Tom Crowford on their Somerset smallholding.

Gooseberry Soda
Gooseberry Soda/Credit: Getty Images Kathy Bishop and Tom Crowford


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